If Aesop Were a Modern-Day Scientist, This Would Be a Fable.

When you wake up, get up. When you get up, do something.
—one of my favorite quotes, from Viola Babbitt

Wake up.

Sit with the cat for a bit. Because Cat Time. “Is necessary, hooman. Sit.” Wait for cat to reach inevitable “bored now” condition…lick warning…condescending departure to stretch. Stretching is important. There is no moral analogy in this.

Get up.

Shuffle around the stretching kitty to the computer in the next room. Shuffle back to get your glasses from the nightstand. Shuffle around the feline a third time, oblivious to its withering stare.

Do something.

Start the computation job you were too tired run at 3am. Rely on the setup you already did. At 3am.


Grogginess is measured by the amount of time it takes to realize one has done something unfortunate. It is an accurate measure. Being after the fact, though, it is not helpful towards the prevention of unfortunate acts. Lassitude can be assessed by the time needed to recognize that feeling in the pit of one’s stomach and say “Oh, hi again, you”. These are the same.

So herein lies the moral of our tale: Coffee. Do coffee first.



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