Twilight Dome Fun

Here are a few images from goofing around yesterday evening with the NOFS 61-inch telescope, dome, and twilight. Images were taken with a Canon G3 X at ISO 125 on 2019-02-07 MST. Click on an image to enlarge; right-click to open the full-resolution version in a new tab. Ordering is reverse-chronological because I like the 7:02pm image best.

All images © 2019 Marc A. Murison: CC-BY-NC-ND

19:02 MST, 25 seconds, F/3.5, 43mm focal length
18:53 MST, 59 seconds, F/6.3, 43mm focal length
18:45 MST, 35 seconds, F/11, 43mm focal length
18:33 MST, 1/2 second, F/3.5, 43mm focal length
18:29 MST, 1 second, F/5.6, 50mm focal length

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