Aperiodic Wanderings are occasional topics that rise to my conscious brain or catch my fancy, often of an astronomical nature. The timing is not quite random, not quite chaotic, not quite periodic. Aperiodic. (Sometimes it is helpful to learn about a set of things by learning about a set of things that it is not.)


So, the fundamental question: why add yet another blog to the clotted blogosphere?  This is my answer. How did I arrive at this point? This is that story.


I use math, where it seems natural to do so. It is a compact, efficient, therefore useful language. You, Dear Reader, have no need to fear it, and for heaven’s sake do not assume you are somehow inferior if you don’t quite catch all of the “words.” Not a math person, you say? I beg to differ. If you are human (and not an ideologue), you are a math person. “But math is hard!” So is learning to ride a bike, or to be in a relationship, or to throw a frisbee, or to cook an egg sunny side up, or to read—all harder than learning basic arithmetic and a little algebra, some trig, maybe a bit of calculus.

On the other hand, you should be able to understand these posts even if you skip the math bits.

If the article is still not making sense to you, then it is likely due to unclear writing. Complain. I’ll fix it.

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…are by the author (me!), unless otherwise specified. Everything that’s my doing is © 2019 Marc A. Murison: CC-BY-NC-ND.


The font I’ve settled on is Mercury ScreenSmart from typography.com.


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