Snow, Mountains, Telescope

Snow on Flagstaff’s San Francisco Peaks, and a picture of the 61-inch telescope at the U.S. Naval Observatory — Flagstaff Station. Click on an image to enlarge; right-click to open the full-resolution version in a new tab. Canon G3 X, … Continue reading

Moonlit Snowscape

The Moon illuminates a snowy scene (my back yard) in the pre-dawn darkness. This is an 80 second exposure at 35mm f/3.2 and ISO 125. The yellow-gold color on the background trees is from low-pressure sodium streetlights on the next … Continue reading

The Windowpane

Chit-chit-chet-chit-chet-chet swish-swish-swish-chit-chit-swish… intense feline scrutiny: a murder of crows squabbles over bugs beneath new snow, under old Ponderosa— stymied.   … Continue reading