Protected: The Flute

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Red, White, and Green, and the Children Scream, and it is Impossible to Breathe

Here is one man’s poem. His poetry is not easy to listen to. It is poetry, which means shining a light on uncomfortable things, dark things, things which are hard to look at. But we are human, most of us, … Continue reading

This is America

This is America. Republican politicians cynically abandon every American value, values we the people—some of us—hold dear. You who voted for Donald Trump and for other high-office Republicans: you are lost, only half a step behind your callous leaders, none … Continue reading

Thursday Morning

Windows wide, birds chirping front and back, Tchaikovsky’s Fourth Symphony fills the house. Life could be worse.   … Continue reading


Rest in peace, Suki. Littlest Kitty, Squirt, faithful companion. Shoulder rider, lap sitter, mouse catcher, jumper. Lover of chin scritches and forehead scritches and string cheese and pizza sauce. Head butter, snuggler, blinds cord chewer, prancer. Algebra proofreader, bookbinding assistant. … Continue reading

The Windowpane

Chit-chit-chet-chit-chet-chet swish-swish-swish-chit-chit-swish… intense feline scrutiny: a murder of crows squabbles over bugs beneath new snow, under old Ponderosa— stymied.   … Continue reading

Impending Disturbance

vap’rous backlit wrack flee the cold turbulent flow blear that baleful winter’s orb … Continue reading

Primordial Realm

Primordial realm, ice and cold — we near the mists of Niflheim … Continue reading


  Eight cores, working hard: orbits, orbits… more orbits. Suki is cold. Laptop is warm. Suki sits on keyboard. Machine vexation, reboot. Sadness.   … Continue reading

Hotel Balcony

Open the sliding glass door to a wall of humidity. Look! The Scorpion— its supergiant heart Antares reaching further than Mars— an unaccustomed ten degrees higher in the evening sky.       … Continue reading

Prevailing Wind

Kalaeloa runway 22L from seven thousand feet: one end is heavier in skid marks. … Continue reading

30,000 feet over the Pacific

Cauliflower and gossamer, red-tinged clouds— we chase a bloody Sun. … Continue reading

Null Hypothesis

I write Into the void. Transient, ephemeral, aperiodic, Sharp.   Null hypothesis. By assumption Not significant. You are Alone. Free. Leap Into the ether, the abyss — Into the void.   … Continue reading