Moonlit Snowscape

The Moon illuminates a snowy scene (my back yard) in the pre-dawn darkness. This is an 80 second exposure at 35mm f/3.2 and ISO 125. The yellow-gold color on the background trees is from low-pressure sodium streetlights on the next … Continue reading

Flagstaff Skywheel 2015-11-07

Dark skies are a treasure, a part of our culture, a part of who we are as humans that we must preserve. Due to some enlightened and forward thinking in the late 1980s, the outdoor lighting code implemented in Flagstaff … Continue reading

Zodiacal Light West of Flagstaff, Feb. 2015

The zodiacal light at 7:51 pm (MST) on February 10, 2015, as seen from the west parking lot of the U.S. Naval Observatory near¬†Flagstaff.¬†If you’re wondering where the Observatory is, it’s about five miles west of downtown (Google maps link). … Continue reading