Eight cores, working hard: orbits, orbits… more orbits. Suki is cold. Laptop is warm. Suki sits on keyboard. Machine vexation, reboot. Sadness.   … Continue reading

Sense and Sensibility and the American Gun Culture

Sense and Sensibility. Jane Austen put these two words together for a specific reason. Sense: meaning, understanding, prudence, sound judgement. Sensibility: sensitivity, awareness, empathy. She didn’t have to worry about guns the way we do, the way America does today. But if … Continue reading


Fast hairy monsters high up on a wall, incognizant of their fortune, being as they are—at least on occasion—and in more than one sense of the word, ascendant, beyond the ken of three prowling, ever-watchful, and even faster (as if … Continue reading

Protected: Why doesn’t everything mix into everything else?

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Hotel Balcony

Open the sliding glass door to a wall of humidity. Look! The Scorpion— its supergiant heart Antares reaching further than Mars— an unaccustomed ten degrees higher in the evening sky.       … Continue reading

Prevailing Wind

Kalaeloa runway 22L from seven thousand feet: one end is heavier in skid marks. … Continue reading

30,000 feet over the Pacific

Cauliflower and gossamer, red-tinged clouds— we chase a bloody Sun. … Continue reading

Nutballs and the Mode

Recently, Atheist Republic (AR) posted this image (⇒) in response to the Supreme Court’s decision (pdf) that legalizes marriage in the U.S. It is a Photoshopped image of the Kaaba in Mecca. The reaction from noisome elements of the Muslim community has been, predictably, swift, violent, … Continue reading

The Printer and I: A Tale of Spinning Fans, Diseased Hearts, and the Tragedy that is Life

  This (see photo) is how I spent my afternoon and evening, today. I have a conference to attend next week and must present a poster paper on some recent research results. Because I know by now that both Old … Continue reading

Null Hypothesis

I write Into the void. Transient, ephemeral, aperiodic, Sharp.   Null hypothesis. By assumption Not significant. You are Alone. Free. Leap Into the ether, the abyss — Into the void.   … Continue reading