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Flagstaff   (KFLG, 7011 ft)    Last Updated on February 21, 4:57 PM MST
    conditions:  Overcast      vis.  10.0mi 16.1km
    temp:  30°F -1°C    dewp:  10°F -12°C    rel hum:  43%
    wind:  From the WSW at 14 MPH
    pressure:  30.07in 1018mb    trend +    UV index:  0
    Sun:  rise 7:05  set 18:15
    Moon:  6d Waxing Crescent (36% illum.)


GOES-West IR4 (courtesy SSEC) — click to embiggen
jet stream
300 mb Jet Stream (courtesy SFSU)

NOFS local conditions

(from NOFS weather page)

Today’s far-UV Sun — 211, 193, and 171 Å composite (courtesy SDO) — click to embiggen