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Flagstaff   (KFLG, 7011 ft)    Last Updated on November 24, 12:57 AM MST
    conditions:  Partly Cloudy      vis.  10.0mi 16.1km
    temp:  29°F -2°C    dewp:  23°F -5°C    rel hum:  78%
    wind:  Calm
    pressure:  30.08in 1019mb    trend -    UV index:  0
    Sun:  rise 7:10  set 17:16
    Moon:  5d Waxing Crescent (28% illum.)

GOES-16 imagery (reload page to update) courtesy the Marshall Space Flight Center:
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GOES-West IR4 (courtesy SSEC) — click to embiggen
jet stream
300 mb Jet Stream (courtesy SFSU)

AZ IR satellite loop (courtesy U. of Arizona Atmospheric Sciences)

AZ radar loop (courtesy U. of Arizona Atmospheric Sciences)

water vapor loop (courtesy U. of Arizona Atmospheric Sciences)

NOFS local conditions

(from NOFS weather page)

Today’s far-UV Sun — 211, 193, and 171 Å composite (courtesy SDO) — click to embiggen